Peace, freedom, democracy

  • The State guarantees peace. The security and protection of all Congolese people and of all those who have chosen to live in Congo are part of its fundamental missions.
  • Each Congolese citizen can settle where he wishes, develop his genius and his talent, thrive and become whom he aspires to be in life, in the respect of the rules and laws of the Republic.
  • The rule of law is inseparable from the strictest respect of the principle of separation of powers and the sovereignty of the people, who chooses freely its representatives through democratic, transparent and credible elections.

Justice, equality, work

  • All Congolese are equal before the law. Justice is independent. Anyone charged is presumed innocent until judgment has been rendered. Impunity will be combatted and privileges shall not be tolerated. No one shall be above the law.
  • The State shall combat all discriminations based on gender, age, origin and convictions. It shall guarantee to all citizens a decent life and fight against inequalities in all areas of life in society.
  • The implementation of gender equality shall be effective and women represented in all Institutions.
    All citizens must be able to make a living from their work.

Education, family, country

  • Each Congolese child has access to free quality basic education and to culture. This access must enable any young person to grow and acquire judgment, free will and a critical mind.
  • The family is the fortress on which the Congolese society rests. All children must be protected within their own family. The State will take care of abandoned children.
  • The love of country is the base of Congolese citizenship and civism.

Progress, development, solidarity

  • The State offers basic social services all Congolese people. Each Congolese must take part in the collective effort of development according to his or her means and capacities.
  • The development policy is based on the eradication of poverty and wealth creation and the fair allocation of the benefits of growth.
  • The State assists the most vulnerable, brings help and assistance to the victims of catastrophes.