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1 – Consolidation of the State, of Democracy and peace

Congo suffers from the weakening of its institutions due to the permanent violation of its texts, corruption and impunity. The State’s authority is flouted everywhere in the country. War, violence and insecurity have forced millions of our countrymen to flee their villages and their land. This situation is intolerable. Each Congolese must live in peace, with a State that reassures and protects. We will rapidly put an end to war and conflicts. Everywhere, we will take steps to obtain an effective reconciliation between our communities and with our neighbours. We must guarantee to all the best conditions to live together.

Our action will revolve around four major priorities:

(1) the consolidation of peace and the authority of the State throughout the national territory; (2) strengthening governance political, administrative and economic;  (3) the continuation of the process of decentralization and local development and (4) the strengthening of our diplomacy and a good neighborly policy.

We will put an end to the cult of personality and ensure respect for the separation of powers by strengthening justice. The army, the police and the security services will ensure their republican mission of protection. We will strive to strengthen the capabilities of our armed forces and the police and to better supervise soldiers by training officers. No more Congolese blood drops will have to be paid by Congolese. The culture of respect for life will dominate.

We will reduce the lifestyle of the state and fight against corruption. We will put an end to the impunity of the powerful. Each public official will have to publish his assets and report on his potential enrichment during his term of office. Access to public media will be guaranteed to all streams of thought. We want all Congolese to participate in the development of the country.

We will open a debate on nationality in the sense of openness to all the girls and sons of Congo living abroad.

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2 – Valorization of human capital

Our country has more than 80 million inhabitants, of which 65% are young people under 25. School and education will be at the heart of our action. Giving a chance to all Congolese to have access to a decent job and to develop through their efforts, their talent and their genius is key to the transformation of our country.

We will implement free primary and secondary education and make them compulsory. We will build 50,000 classrooms and recruit 15,000 teachers. We will ensure that children in rural areas have access to quality education in good conditions. We will make sure that girls are in school. We will undertake a major reform of promotion of the technical and professional sections. Our young people will be able to acquire the basics of the trades that enable them to find employment. We will build collaboration and a bridge between training centers and employers. These centers will be deployed to meet the requirements of growth poles. We will strengthen existing training structures and train 1,000 teachers from pilot agricultural schools and technical inspectors. We will strengthen the supply of higher education and improve its quality, efficiency and equity. We will ensure training-employment adequacy. We will operate the rehabilitation and modernization of universities.

In terms of health, we will adopt a new policy aimed at guaranteeing quality care, easy access to care, and the establishment of universal minimum health coverage. It is necessary to increase the funds allocated to health in order to reach 15% of the national budget. The 560 health centers and 62 public hospitals across the country will be brought back to standard and the supply of drugs will be guaranteed. We will rehabilitate the current general reference hospitals and build several new military referral hospitals.

In the emergency sector, a civilian response and protection strategy to prevent disaster must be adopted. A national solidarity fund will be set up.

The most vulnerable of our compatriots, especially those who live with disabilities, orphans, child-mothers and our elderly people will be protected.

The participation of Congolese women in political and economic life is a priority. Respect for women’s rights and the application of parity will be basic principles of our policy. All Congolese households must have access to decent housing. To this end, in the framework of the establishment of a policy of a roof for all, we will initiate a program of construction of 1000 dwellings by provinces and by year.

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3 – Stimulating growth, diversifying the economy and creating jobs

Our country abounds with talents and skills. Through their work, all Congolese must become stakeholders in the growth and development of their country. We will endeavor to transform the country’s economy, it mustn’t rest exclusively on the mining sector. Agricultural production and the transformation of our basic commodities must fulfill the needs of all the population. We will improve the business and investment environments to ensure the creation of 3,5M jobs in 5 years, not only through the valorization of existing jobs but also by ensuring the transition of informal economic units to formal structures.

While controlling the macroeconomic framework, $ 100 billion must be mobilized for a vast public investment program. Public-private partnerships will be stimulated and the State will now respect its commitments. Our focus will be on opening up the country by maintaining 23,000 kilometers of roads and paving major highways. We will connect the 4 ends of the country and our railway will be rehabilitated. The majority of Congolese must have access to electricity. In the drinking water sector, we will increase the overall rate of service from 25 to 60%. To make our economy competitive and reduce the digital divide, we will build 50,000 kilometers of fiber optics and support innovative businesses in their development.

Together, we will develop ten growth poles to showcase each province’s strengths. Corridors will be opened to connect these growth poles in the agriculture, mining, timber and tourism sectors.

In the mining sector, which is today the basis of our economy, transparency will be complete. Improving geological knowledge through large-scale research and centralization of data will be priorities. Just like the transformation of mining products into finished products.

Together, we must transform our country into an economic power capable of producing and exporting quality finished products.

It’s about our future and that of our children.

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4 – Fighting climate change

In the fight against climate change, DR Congo must fully play its role. Our efforts to preserve our water, our forests and our biodiversity must be fairly and validly rewarded. This is why we are committed to designing and validating a new sectorial environment strategy integrating the Cop 21 Paris Agreement resolutions.

The reforms will be implemented to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the various actors in the field and to translate into domestic law the commitments made in Nagoya and Paris.

The national environment agency needs to be revitalized and an environmental intervention fund will be created. All concerned administrations will be engaged in the management and sustainable collection of rainwater, wastewater, liquid and solid waste. Remediation of our major urban centers is an urgent response that I will be working on.

We will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of the Environment and develop a plan to protect the country’s biodiversity as well as protected areas, especially forests. An inventory and identification of species likely to contribute to development in the areas of health – including medicinal plants -, chemistry, agriculture, cosmetics, will be realized. DRCongo will have an ambition to be a strong voice in this crucial issue for the future of the planet.

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