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The Platform



In march 2018, leaders of political parties, movements and associations and independent personalities signed the Constitutive Deed of the political platform “ENSEMBLE POUR LE CHANGEMENT” (TOGETHER FOR CHANGE).

Coming from all provinces and all communities in the country, the members of the platform confirmed their engagement and support in favour of Moïse Katumbi as the candidate for the presidential election, which is to take place on December 23.


Through this choice, all signatories endorse Moïse Katumbi Chapwe’s vision and program, calling on all Congolese people to rally together to bring their expertise, talent and their best capacities to contribute to the reconstruction and development of their country. They are responding to his call for a moral surge for the respect of freedoms, human life, love of work, respect of private property, the safeguard and maintenance of public assets, citizen commitment to the recovery of Democratic Republic of Congo to become again fundamental values for all the Congolese.


TOGETHER FOR CHANGE is built up of men and women committed to transforming the Democratic Republic of Congo by guaranteeing political alternation in all levels of power to fulfill the Congolese people’s expectations. Thus, all political parties, movements and associations who have joined the platform intend to join efforts to present candidates at all levels and win the next elections.


Their commitment to the platform led by Moïse Katumbi engages all signatories to ensuring governance change in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in order to put an end to the slow and inexorable deterioration of the political, economic, social and moral situation of the country and give back to the Congolese trust in their capacity to build together a strong, prosperous, fair and united nation.


Under Moïse Katumbi Chapwe’s presidency, the members of the platform are committed to respecting loyally and sincerely the will of the Congolese people, in order to obtain the necessary votes to build a large majority to carry and fulfill their candidate’s vision and ambitions for the country.


In order to respond to their ambition to bring change and to reduce the division that has appeared between the Congolese people and its leaders, the members of ENSEMBLE are organized in structures at the national, provincial, territorial and local levels. To combat all divisions and rifts, ENSEMBLE POUR LE CHANGEMENT is calling on all men and women who share the same vision and values, with no discrimination based on region of origin, community, gender, belief or social rank.


ENSEMBLE calls all Congolese men and women to support Moïse Katumbi’s vision and program in order to channel all energies in the same direction and take Moïse Katumbi to the presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo and give him a majority for Change.