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Countrywomen and countrymen of Congo
Dear sisters, dear brothers

The evolution of our country leads me to share with you my vision of the future of our dear country and to propose to take a new path of action.

I became involved in politics to defend the founding values of our nation, unity, peace, justice and work. I have also committed to offer our children a better future, through better education and good jobs. Giving families the capacity to have access to food and housing in a safe environment. In other words, enabling all Congolese people to live in peace and dignity. This is what has led me to engage in politics.

In line with this engagement I have continuously warned the incumbent regime against some practices that are contrary to these values. Our country has sunk into dictatorship, violence and violations of human rights. On 25 September 2015, I resigned and regained my freedom. I then openly decided to say No.

NO to dictatorship and resignation

Since then, I have never ceased to fight. I have pursued this fight in another form, always inspired by the will to defend the people’s interests, your interests, countrymen and women of Congo.

This fight for change has meant sacrifices for my family, those close to me and myself, but I know this is nothing compared to what you endure each day. Not a day goes by without an attack by armed groups, rape of women, forced displacements, jailbreaks, arrests of opponents and militants from the community, without compatriots dying from hunger… This has only led to reinforcing my conviction and determination to resist and fight. Fate cannot explain the current situation or make it acceptable.

With willpower, ideas, the sense of responsibility, another Congo is possible. A peaceful, stable and prosperous Congo offering its children the opportunity to live decently.

Congo, my dear countrymen and women, is a great country. Congo is a rich country with enormous potential. We have everything to become a great nation. In Africa and much farther. To achieve this we need capable leadership, leadership which is honest and reliable. Leadership which is there to serve you. The time of predators is over, here comes the time for builders.

I am a builder. I want to be a leader who draws his people upwards. I have the capacity and the will to do so. This is not personal ambition. Life has given me a lot, both personally and professionally. I want success to be collective, to be the success of each man and each woman of Congo.

Suffering must give way to hope!

Dear sisters, dear brothers,
To achieve this, it is urgent to act, to make a commitment.
This is why, dear compatriots, I will run for the presidential election of our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is my right, it is also my duty. The fate of the Congolese people must not be taken hostage by a handful of selfish and evil individuals. I cannot tolerate this situation any more. I fight it with all my energy and strength and will fight to the end, as I always have over the course of my life.

As long as I can remember, I have always fought my way. I have worked with my hands, carried crates and heavy loads. From a very young age I’ve learned to manage and organize my work. I have received nothing, inherited nothing. All I have, I have earned through hard work. I manage a football team. You have prided and still pride yourself on Its successes. For almost ten years I have governed Katanga. This province has become a model of development. I repaired roads, built hospitals and schools… I developed agriculture because “green copper” will guarantee a prosperous future after mines. I have forbidden the exportation of raw minerals, which has led to local transformation industries, the creation of many new jobs and the modernization of this province.

The hope and joy brought by these successes to Congolese people are my greatest pride. Yet this experience has been nourished by high demands, discipline, determination and humility.

Dear sisters, dear brothers,
My fight is also to tell you the truth. Over the course of my life, I have understood that the road to freedom is long and fraught with risk. A demanding and difficult road which requires courage. True courage, to overcome fear, to defend what no one can take away from us: our life, our freedom, our future. What is the violence of arms before a united people? There is no greater army than a people dreaming of freedom.

Success is always collective, never individual.

This is why, men and women of Congo, I propose that we walk side by side, hand in hand. Together, I propose we build another Congo. The Congo we want, the Congo we deserve.
This is an ambitious project. But life has taught me that nothing resists the will of the people when it is just.

Countrywomen and countrymen of Congo, together we will make our project prevail.

This project must be carried by a strong movement. A movement united around people determined to serve you. An open and democratic movement, together we will build a strong, democratic, fair and fraternal Congo. Together for Change!

Together we will restore the rule of law.

I will guarantee protection and safety to each Congolese because this is the fundamental mission of the State. I will always fight corruption, theft and misappropriation.

Together we will restore peace.
I will ensure that there are no more wars, either with our neighbours or among us because I will guarantee national unity. Congolese blood shall never be shed by other Congolese again.

Together we will build a just Congo
I will be the President of justice, so that all, men and women, young and old, managers and farmers, unemployed or employees enjoy the same rights. Special efforts will be made for people with a disability and for true equality between men and women. I will be your humble servant and work tirelessly to rebuild Congo.

From Bukavu to Mbandaka, from Bunia to Matadi, from Kisangani to Kananga, from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi, I will guarantee electricity to our cities and our countryside. I will supply the necessary electricity to transform our agricultural products and ensure the competitiveness of our industries.

Together, let us bring light to Congo.

Together, let us promote the wealth of our land and subsurface!

No Congolese must live in poverty when our land abounds in wealth. Diamonds in Grand Kasai, coltan and cassiterite in great Kivu, cobalt, tin, manganese, copper in great Katanga, gold, iron, cotton in the great Oriental Province, oil in Lower Congo, wood and coffee ingreat Equator, palm oil in great Bandundu…This wealth must create jobs, it must enable us to build the prosperity of Congo. To achieve this, we must be open to all partners. Our mining revenues will enable us to give our country modern infrastructures, to transform and diversify our economy, notably in agro-industry in order to prepare for a future without mines.

I will place the fight against climate change among our priorities, because protecting our heritage is protecting the world. I will ensure that the commitments made on our contribution for the safeguard of the planet are fairly allocated to the improvement of our living conditions and the protection of our environment.

I will also be the President of economic trust.

I will bring back investment by protecting all those who wish to create wealth in DRC. I will eliminate the red tape that discourages and prevents work.

Dear sisters, dear brothers, it is time for us to recover our pride.

I want to be the candidate of merit, especially among our wonderful young people. Offering them a great future in Congo is our greatest challenge. Il will stimulate the taste for effort and not laziness. I will share values of solidarity and not selfishness, give them the taste for commitment and not resignation.

The most deserving will be rewarded and the most vulnerable protected.

I will always defend our greatest asset, our human capital. Each Congolese must have access to quality healthcare and have universal coverage. Reading, writing and numeracy must be the minimum base of a high-quality education where teachers will be in charge of training the Congolese for life.

My project is ambitious. It is in line with our History, our culture and our potential: giving back to all Congolese their pride and to our country the key to grandeur.

Let us build a strong and united nation!

I want to turn to all the dynamic forces of our Nation:
To all Congolese men and women, I say: bring your expertise, your talent, the best in you, to develop our country.

This country, our country the Democratic Republic of Congo is yours, is ours!

Together we can everything. We are 80 million.

We have numbers and determination on our side. Our fight is just. Our aspirations are legitimate. Whatever your ethnic origin and your political family, if you love Congo, join us to take part together in its reconstruction.

Together we are rich, alone we will remain poor forever!

Dear sisters, dear brothers,
We must have faith. There is no such thing as fate. With willpower, accountability and vision our country will rise again. We have enough strengths and talents. Its size, its people, its wealth, its youth make Congo a great country, a magnificent country! Our place is among the first and not among the last of African nations.

People of Congo,
My life is a fight. Today I propose that we fight this fight together. Join me. Strength is on our side. Join me. The time for change has come.
Another Congo is possible.

Together for change!

Moise Katumbi