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“Regarding poverty, access to employment, water, education and healthcare, in January 2007, the population of Katanga was critically behind. Practical reforms, major projects and targeted investments improved the population’s daily life and reduced poverty.”


Some key measures:

Increase of minimum monthly wage from $40 to $100.


% of the population of Katanga with access to drinking water


Some key measures:

Investment in school infrastructures

Consolidation of teacher supervision in order to improve the quality of teaching

Effective free primary teaching


Number of children schooled in the province


Some key measures:

Construction and rehabilitation of hospitals

Acquisition of medical devices and equipment

Regular supply of pharmaceutical products to medical centers

Malaria and HIV SIDA control programs, with the distribution of impregnated mosquito nets, antiretroviral drugs and most importantly, information campaigns on prevention measures to implement


“Katanga suffered from a serious lack of infrastructures, notably roads. Roads are the base of any long-term, healthy economic development. So, we invested massively in road construction which benefited the population and economic players”


Rehabilitation of 4700 km of dirt and surfaced roads from 2007 to 2015


Some key measures:

Construction of several bridges to connect strategic roads

Construction of the Lualaba bridge, the largest concrete bridge in DR Congo, 710 meters long with a capacity of 100 tons

Economic development

“When I arrived, I found a derelict province, with no sound economic base. To develop the economy, we first put in place good governance to restore investor confidence. We stimulated the mining sector but we also developed sectors with employment and future potential such as agriculture.”


Some key measures:

Obligation for major industrialists (mainly in mining) to farm at least 500 hectares of corn for local consumption, or in case of lack of land, to invest in farm inputs (seeds, fertilizers…)

Development of corn farming, of processing factories (flour mills) to make corn flour.

% of food imports in the province’s annual consumption

Cost of Kg of flour in USD in the province


Past investments in billion dollars


Production of copper cathodes in tons

Some key measures:

Ban on export of raw minerals in order to bring some added value to tradable commodities

Regulation of artisanal exploitation with the grant of exploitation areas, with the agreement of the national ministry of mining

Support of the mining code and regulations to encourage mining operators to continue exploitation in spite of the business context which required normalization.


Some key measures:

Reinforcement of the electrical network in view of increased production

Installation in Lubumbashi of solar power posts, which charge during the day and light during the night

Replacement of incandescent lightbulbs with energy saving bulbs, to decrease energy consumption and redistribute it to homes and the production sector

Electrification of several rural areas with power generators or newly built barrages

Budget management

“Thanks to the good governance we introduced, to a culture of work and discipline, the budget of Katanga has soared in a few years. In spite of the non-restitution of 40% of the budget to the province, Katanga has become the first contributor to the national budget.”


Katanga’s ranking in contribution to national budget

Katanga’s budget soared by 5000% in 8 years, from $21 millions to $1 billion

Public Treasury

Katanga’s public treasury in billion dollars/year

Customs revenue

Customs revenue collected by Katanga in billion dollars /year

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